Tuesday, January 20, 2015


There are many paths to fitness these days, and I think we should embrace any ideas that will enable us to achieve or fitness goals.

Check out 'My Virtual 5K' at:http://myvirtual5k.com/

I think this is truly a unique idea that brings fitness right to you.

Some folks simply don't feel comfortable attending a race, so, for them,  My Virtual 5K is a great way to test their fitness level in the comfort of their home or backyard.

What's more, there are many "paths" you can take to complete your virtual 5K.

The website describes the various methods.

Our Inaugural Virtual 5K race is a race that can be run anywhere in the world. Participants can run, walk, jog, skate or rollerblade the race distance wherever they want during the designated race period, even indoors on a treadmill.
Here’s how it works:
Simply register for one of our virtual 5K runs, complete the distance any time and anywhere you desire (even on a treadmill!) during the designated race dates, and upload your finish time to our website. That’s all there is to it! And receive your medal or t-shirt for that race.
This is who can participate:
Anyone! Young or old, fast or slow – we encourage participants of all fitness & ability levels.
This is a worldwide event, and can be completed anywhere, between the dates of February 7 to 20.
Selfies and videos are not only welcomed, they are encouraged.
Check out this cool, innovative event.