Friday, May 23, 2014


Spring marathons are behind us, the summer is ahead.

It's time to think short.

There are a few great summer marathons, notably Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota, but let's face it, not too many of live in a Duluth-like climate, so let's take a look at the six reasons why we should go "short" for at least six weeks

1. Longevity-The body needs a rest from the rigors of high-mileage running. Cut back on the miles and increase the quality of the miles. Your body will thank you, and your marathon time will decrease.

2. The Blast Furnace-Even if you do live in Duluth, blast furnace temperatures will soon be here. Getting out there to log a few miles will be challenging, don't punish your body further by grinding out record mileage in June and July.

3. Track Workouts-The winter has ended and so has track season. The local track is all yours, so take advantage of it. Do that weekly speedworkout, and get that sprinter's speed going. (Of course, that's all relative to us distance types). Try some 200s, 300s, and 400s. They work  wonders for those 5K races.

4. Availability-It's a buyers market out there. There's a 5K, or maybe several, wherever you live. Take a short drive, run the race, and get home with plenty of time to mow the lawn, don your "Kiss the Chef" apron, and fire up the grill for a barbecue.

5. Keeping it Fresh-Altering your training slightly keeps your running fresh and exciting. "You know, I haven't run a 5K in a while," or "I haven't run the 5-mile distance in years," may cross your mind. Your legs remain fresh too if you keep it short.\. You're not nearly as beat up as you are after a long race.

6. You are not an island-But, hopefully you'll be going to one! Summer is the time for a family vacation or a romantic getaway. Lighten up a little. Have an extra drink at the Tiki bar. Don't keep the family waiting while you slice through the beach humidity on a ten-mile run. Cut back on the miles and relax.

Go short for six weeks. You'll be relaxed and refreshed, and ready to knock down some PR's in the fall.