Monday, January 5, 2015


I've been a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles since the 1960's, when my grandfather, who was blind, used to listen to the games on his scratchy transistor radio,

Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles who have never won the Super Bowl.

We Eagles fans are known for being a bit fanatical. Watch the movie "Silver Linings Playbook" and you'll see what I mean.

Every year I make the drive two hours south to attend a few games and participate in the tailgate parties that are second to none.

I was even fortunate to attend the Super Bowl in 2005, when the Eagles played (and lost) to the New England Patriots.

At home, when I watch the games on television, I turn down the sound, listen to long-time Eagles announcer, Merrill Reese, and often suffer through heartbreaking, dream-shattering defeats. My wife and my two dogs have learned to evacuate the living room in order to avoid a litany of expletives, fist-thumps on the sofa, and an occasional hurled hat (as it causes no property damage)

Yesterday, I watched the NFL referees hand the game over to our arch-rivals, the Dallas Cowboys.

At the end of many games, I feel frustrated, angry and helpless.

And, folks, that's one of the reasons why we run.

As spectators, whether it's the NFL or in life, often we ARE out of control

 Overpaid athletes, some who earn in a year what most of us won't make in a lifetime, let us down, underachieve, and celebrate for things like, well, doing their jobs.

Yesterday, the roads were slushy and, in some spots, treacherous, but I took control. A ten-mile run was scheduled, and I put it in the books. No missed tackles, no bad calls by the referees, no whiny, spoiled prima donnas here.

You may not be able to tell your boss how much of a jerk he is, but you can get out there and crush a few fast miles out on the road after a hard day at work.

Ladies, when we drive you to the edge of frustration, or the kids make you want to scream, say bye for a while and get out there on the road. You'll feel much better when you return.

This thing we do is truly under OUR control, so get out there and own it. There are no excuses, there are no bad calls.

And, I guarantee you, when you return home from a run, detoxed, unstressed, and back in control, the dogs won't have to leave the room!