Wednesday, January 14, 2015


After yesterday's blog, I received numerous comments from readers who professed their love of ebooks.

We do love our electronic devices these days, this writer included, and although I like the physical turning of pages, and books lined up on a shelf, this ebook stuff does have its merits. Ebooks are compact, storage is easy, and you never have to worry about torn pages.

So, diligent writer that I am, I checked with my publisher, Lulu, and found that my latest book, Personal Best,, is available in ebook form at Lulu, in the Apple iBookstore, at Barnes and Noble Nook, on Amazon Kindle, and at Kobo. I just reduced the price, (and it is already reflected on Amazon) to $4.79, and you receive it instantly, with no messy postage or handling.

The other day I visited a local running store and I saw a rack holding a prominent running magazine, with a price tag of $4.95.

I'm gonna guarantee you, you'll receive better, more practical advice, for less money, when you buy Personal Best in ebook form. (And I promise no advertisements)

As I said yesterday, "Book it," and read Personal Best. Then, like a car driven out of the showroom, your service doesn't end there. Don't hesitate to message me here or on my website, and I'll be more than happy to offer you advice on your training and racing.