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Thanks to several readers of this blog who informed me that my website,, is currently down.

I contacted the website people and they assured me that "95% of the complaint tickets are replied to within 24 hours!"

Well, I would like to hear "fixed," rather than "replied to."

It seems like the that's the nature of things today. You can rarely speak to a human on the telephone today. Often, if you do, there seems to be a language barrier.

Oh well, my apologies, but my promise to you.

When the website issue IS resolved, I will let you know, AND, we'll begin our Christmas specials on my books.

You'll see the lowest prices ever on running books that are written for you.

Happy running to all.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


A great equalizer in our sport is that all runners who choose to compete, no matter if they are world-class or jogger; whether they are male or female; no matter what age, or if they hail from Kentucky or Kenya, all runners want to improve their times.

Age slows us all down a bit, but we have our age groups, which always keep us competitive, at any age.

Like a sturdy structure, our improvement as runners, junior or geriatric, rests on four major pillars.

Keep these pillars sturdy, and your running times WILL improve.

Let's examine the pillars of running improvement.

1. Speed Work-If you're not racing, you had better be running a speed workout this week. Speed work enables us to become faster because, well, we run faster. Run your speed sessions FASTER than your race pace. Repeat 400s are ideal for 5K races. Mile repeats are great for marathons. Remember, shorten your rest intervals for better results.

2. Tempo Runs-You can run a tempo run in addition to, or instead of your speed workout. Select a distance from 2 to 5 miles, jog a warm up mile, and run your tempo run at about 75% of your race pace. Cool down with a mile

3. Long(er) Run-Again, once a week if you're not racing. Now, here's the key. No smelling the roses on your long run. Make it count. In other words, run your long run at a steady pace. I'll give you an example. Before the 2013 Boston Marathon I ran four 20-mile long runs. My pace for the 20-milers was between 7:15 to 7:30 a mile. I ran the marathon in a time of 3:04:13, a 7:03 pace. If you're running 5K races, your long run really doesn't have to be over 8 miles, but make it a quality 8 miles.

Seeing a pattern here? If you want to race faster, you must train faster...most of the time.

4. Rest Days-Now, THESE are the days you should be smelling the roses. Run with your kids, your spouse, the dogs. Enjoy, take a selfie. Get out there and run, but allow your legs to rest. If you are running high-quality speed workouts and long runs, and if you throw in a tempo run, you must give your body a break..

If these four pillars are the foundation of your weekly running, your race times will tumble.

Now, if you want to get personal, visit, go to 'Running Shorts,' and I can write you a personalized training plan, which will incorporate the four pillars. I've written hundreds of them for runners all over the world.

My books, at, and, offer valuable training advice, as does my training offer on the site. Check out the "Super Sevens" chapter in Personal Best, and you will achieve running success.

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Grand Strand Running Club Newsletter 
Issue: #030
October 2015 
GSRC Events
November 1: 
Running Dead 5K
November 21: 
Race to Save Hearts 5K
December 5:
RiverTown Reindeer 5K Race
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January 1:
New Year's Day Prediction Run 5K
Quick Links

Grand Prix Races

 Jan 24: NMB Winter Run 5K OR 15K

Feb 14: Myrtle Beach Marathon OR Half-Marathon

Mar 7: BFF Pink Ribbon Run 5K and/or 10K

March 28: Run for the Shelter 5K

May 3: Cinco de Mayo 5K

May 9: Little River May 5K 

May 24: Brookgreen Gardens 5K
July 4: Independence Day 8K

Sep 12: Wounded Warriors 5K

Oct 18: Myrtle Beach Mini-Marathon (half-marathon)

Nov: 15 "Guy Osbourne Memorial" Turtle Strut 5K
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Nov 21: Race to Save Hearts 5K Click here to register

Nov 26: Surfside Beach Turkey Trot 10K
Click here to register

Dec 5: Reindeer Run 5K
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Membership Information 
Check your membership status and re-enroll online. 
to check your status. 
If you have any questions about membership, 
please contact


Special Interest

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers are always
welcome and needed. If you would like to volunteer for an upcoming event, click here.

GSRC Board Members
Roscoe Griffin

Murray Honick

Matthew Cutright

Erin Walters


GSRC Committees

Jane Serues

Race Director/Scholarships
Jim Troxell

Christine Rockey

Battle at the Border
Ryan Dion

Kids Running
Terry Layton

Grand Prix
Melissa Kavanagh

Lorena Cutright

Kate Boucher 

Dawn White

**If you are interested in serving on one of the committees, please click here.

Call to Nominations!

Our annual Executive Board Member elections are coming up November 11. If you are interested in serving on the GSRC Executive Board (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) or know someone who is, please email with their name and desired position by November 1. As a courtesy, please ask potential candidates if they are interested in running prior to submitting their name.

GSRC November Social is on November 11th. We will meet at the YMCA in MB at 5:45pm for a group run. The club will provide pizza and water or soda during the meeting. The meeting begins at 6:30pm. We need all members present for voting. 

Join us for one of our weekly group runs. 


Autumn Has Arrived!
                  Joe Muldowney

 Autumn has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere.

And, for runners, what a glorious season it is!

Arguably, the best running weather of the year will greet us for at least the next few months. Mornings will be crisp and cool. Many days will feature warm afternoon sun that's not too warm, as the sun moves farther away from us.
In addition, runners, perhaps more than any other athletes, will not only witness, but will actually be a part of nature's amazing transformation, as days get shorter, colors change, and winds shift.

Races will abound throughout the next few weeks, and blazing summer heat will no longer slow us down. Yes, we are going to be forced to 'layer up' our clothing, but the effort will be well worth it as we see our race times tumble.

Don't squander these coming weeks. Select a couple of race distances you'd like to attack, and peak for those events. Don't fall victim to 'overracing,' rather, concentrate on the twin pillars of success: a weekly long run and a weekly speed workout during the weeks you don't race. Both workouts become much more pleasant during the fall months.
And, when we reach the end of this season and the Winter Solstice raises its frozen head?

Then it's time to reward yourself as you look back and contemplate your successes and setbacks of 2015.

Use the holiday season to take a break for a couple of weeks, as you prepare to rededicate yourself for the new year.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Enjoy this magnificent fall season. Appreciate the early morning chill. Enjoy the light air, as the humidity dissipates. Turn a long run into a longer run by taking advantage of the temperature change. Have fun with Halloween races, Turkey Trots, and Jingle Bell jaunts. 

Be sure to be safe, reflective and bright as the days get shorter and daylight decreases.
rain and race well.

When you do, each day will be your personal best.

**Joe Muldowney has been a competitive runner since 1976, owning a personal best marathon time of 2:22:54. He is a veteran of 54 marathons, 48 under the 3:00 mark, and 12 under 2:30. At age 57, he turned in a marathon time of 2:58:54. Joe has run the Boston Marathon 16 times, and in Personal Best, he writes his account of the events at the tragic 2013 race. Check out his website


Welcome to our new partner!

*The Parson's Table in Little River
GSRC club members receive 15% off food per visit and receive a $25 gift certificate on their fifth visit.

Check out our full list of partners below and on the GSRC website.


Welcome to these new club members!

Trinady Avalos
Daniella Garcia
Jesse Garcia
Jessica Garcia
Victoria Garcia
Deanna Jones
Desirae Jones
Ebony Livingston
Frances Vaneeden
Karen Biegon
Janine Ryan
Ashton Bassard
Kennedy Bassard
Lauren Bassard
Aubrey Livingston
Bryce Livingston
John Livingston
John Vincent Livingston
Sydney Livingston
Heather Checklick
Natasha Guerra
Whip Urbine
Chelsey Richardson

Trish Byrd
Eric Caputo
Heather Checklick
Gwen Fowler
William Golder
James Hayes
B. Thomas Kostiw
Kelly Lee
Beverly Marlowe
Andries Morin
Dorien Morin
Jannake Morin
Johan Morin
Paul Morin
Carl Sivertsen
Colleen Trusdale
Debbie Womble
Annie Woodruff
Janet Daul
Amy Angel
Maxton Stewart
Tracer Stewart


Volunteers needed for 
our upcoming events! 

September 13-November 29: 5K Training Group (Sundays at 3:00pm)
November 1: Running of the Dead 5K
November 21: Race to Save Hearts 5K

If interested, please email


GSRC November Social

Date: November 11 
Time: 5:45pm-Group Run; 6:30pm-Club meeting, elections, and pizza/soda/water
Location: Claire Chapin Epps YMCA Myrtle Beach

**We need all members to attend and participate in the voting for the GSRC Executive Board. Members also have an opportunity to sign up for GSRC committees.

Check out our YouTube channel!

Training Groups

The 5K training group is in full swing and looking forward to their upcoming races!

Mark your calendars for the next 5K training group beginning early January! Stay tuned for more details! 

5K Training Group


Congratulations to all MB Mini Marathon/5K Finishers! 
Special thanks to the expo and water stop volunteers!

And the winner is...Michael Cyganiewicz! 
Michael was the most reflective at our Safety Run! Thanks to Asics and Black Dog Running Company for providing the prizes. 

A big thanks to Scott Fullex of Advanced Alternative Health & Wellness for allowing the club to use his facility for our CPR class. Special thanks to Christine Rockey for facilitating the CPR Certification class. Check out his website for more information.
Thanks to our partners!
If you are interested in partnership opportunities, please email for more information.
Sports Radio 100.3

Black Dog Running Company

Coastal Timing


Festival Promotions

Coastal Race Productions

The Parson's Table

Matthew's Pancake House

Troxell Chiropractic
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