Friday, February 26, 2016


We all have busy schedules.

Sometimes we like to squeeze in a quick workout, then get on with the rest of our day. Sweat pants are sometimes just not acceptable, and jeans are not comfortable for working out.

It would be great if you could go to the gym wearing something that could provide comfort, combining function with fashion.

Well, you can!

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Thursday, February 18, 2016


Three years ago, Michael Higgins exemplified what has, sadly for many Americans, become a common story of success.

The 43-year old married father of two held an important corporate executive job. He commuted forty minutes to and from work each day. He was successful, exhausted by the end of each work day. he ate and drank whatever he wanted, and it showed. Standing at a height of 5 feet, 9 inches, Michael weighed 269 pounds, was on the verge of Type II diabetes, had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, a chronic skin condition, and he couldn't navigate steps without pain in his knees.

In January 2013, thanks to the encouragement of his wife and two friends, Michael decided to change his lifestyle, and make the adjustments necessary to go from fat to fit. He signed up for a 3K race in March, eliminated processed foods from his diet, eating leaner meat, and adding an array of fruits and vegetables to his daily food intake..

Training sensibly and remaining committed to his goals, he did indeed run his 3K race, and by July 2013 he had already reached his initial benchmark of weighing in at 200 pounds, a remarkable drop of 69 pounds in just six months.

And he didn't stop there. To date, Michael has run a number of 5Ks, a 10K, a 10-miler, and a half marathon, and has trimmed his weight down to 175 pounds, a loss of nearly 100 pounds since his healthy journey began.

Today, his blood pressure and cholesterol are normal, he takes no medication to control either issue, and even his skin condition of Rosacea has disappeared. Michael has eliminated all artificial sweeteners, soda, and sugar from his diet, and he drinks plenty of water daily. He also uses to log his workouts and daily calorie intake.

The journey of Michael Higgins is truly remarkable, as he has literally run to a new life of good health.

He writes a great blog, Check it out and subscribe to it to receive updates and advice from Michael, as he inspires others to run to a new life as he has done.

                                                         Michael Higgins-Before

Sunday, February 14, 2016


It wasn't a bunch of pampered, entitled guys in pads, crushing each other, showboating after every play, topping it off with some inane touchdown celebration.

It wasn't a hockey game a slam dunk, or coverage of the Wide World of Sports Sheboygan thumb wrestling championships.

It wasn't even a presidential debate.

It was, simply, an athletic competition featuring the finest trained, most dedicated athletes this country has to offer.

It was the United States Olympic marathon trials.

And it was magnificent.

First, hats off to NBC for what I thought was superb coverage, with concise, knowledgeable commentators, great visuals, and poignant story lines.

And what stories they were.

Galen Rupp, in his marathon debut, in record-setting heat, proved that he can compete against the best marathon runners in the world when he heads to the Rio Olympic Games this summer. He won the race easily, in a time of 2:11:12.

It seems impossible not to love Meb Keflezighi, who will be the oldest American male ever to run an Olympic marathon. He will be 41 years of age at the Rio Games. Meb also earned the honor of being our country's first three-time Olympic marathoner. He gutted out a second-place finish in 2:12:20, brandishing an American flag and a wide smile as he crossed the finish line. Jared Ward, third place finisher at last year's Los Angeles Marathon, captured third, with a time of 2:13.

Runners understand the importance of having reliable training partners. They keep us focused and are instrumental in helping us to achieve our best racing times.

Amy Cragg won the women's race, with a time of 2:28:20, followed by a tremendous finish by Desiree Linden, who surged into second place, in 2:28:54 and Cragg's training partner, Shalane Flanagan, hung on to finish third in 2:29:19.

Amy Cragg and Shalane Flanagan train together in Portland, Oregon. Throughout the race they ran practically stride for stride. During the middle of the race, Flanagan's encouragement got Cragg through a rough couple of miles, so when Flanagan hit the wall at mile 24, probably due to the heat, Cragg was happy to return the favor.

"I asked her, 'Hey, are you OK? And she said, 'No, I'm not,'" said Cragg, as the two approached an aid station. "There were a couple of times where she said, 'I'm not sure I can do this.'"

Finally, Cragg, for the sake of her own race, was forced to cut the rope with Flanagan, who was eventually passed by Linden.

Flanagan finished valiantly, collapsing before being led to a wheelchair. Her friend, Amy Cragg, may have helped Flanagan earn her second Olympic marathon berth.

It was a great sports Saturday.

American marathoning is back!

On to Rio.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


There was a time when most Americans had no idea what a marathon was. Marathon runners were a weird bunch, and marathons, in fact road races in general, were few and far between.

A Yale graduate, Frank Shorter changed all that when he won the Olympic Marathon at the Munich Olympics in 1972.He helped ignite the "Running Boom" in America.

I describe and detail the Running Boom in my first book, 'Running Shorts.' ,

Today, in his inaugural marathon appearance, 29-year old Galen Rupp, the silver medalist in the 10,000 meters at the 2012 London Olympic Games, proved that he may be the first American to earn a marathon gold medal in the Olympics since Shorter did so, 44 years ago.

Rupp endured record heat, 75 degrees at the finish line, to win in a time of 2:11:10.

Galen Rupp is the real deal and perhaps is the next Frank Shorter.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


If there's anything more satisfying than training, racing, and achieving your goals, it's assisting other runners to achieve their racing goals.

For the past eight years, I have had the privilege of coaching young men and women at the collegiate level, at Penn State Schuylkill, in Pennsylvania. During that time we have produced two state champions, and one runner who placed 9th, then 7th at the USCAA National cross country championships, earning All-American status.

It has also been a lot of fun, through the wonder of the internet, to design personalized running programs for runners from all around the world.

If you go to my website,, and click on the 'store' tab, I am now offering my personalized training package, with an extra incentive. I'll throw in a signed copy of my latest book, 'Personal Best,' absolutely free.

I can't run with you, but if I'm your eCoach, I'll be with you every step of your training journey. You can email me any time to discuss your training, and we can make adjustments in your plan, if necessary.

Order today, and we can get started immediately.

Want to run YOUR personal best?

I'll help to get you there.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Like most of you, I am looking forward to the coming of spring.

In addition to near perfect training conditions come April, during that month I am going to have the opportunity to try a training device that is truly revolutionary.

 Kuai's Multi Sport Biometric Headphones may be the greatest sports technology item I've seen since the advent of the GPS watch.

It is a revolutionary headset that monitors your biometrics and sports performance using advanced patented biometric sensor technology. Through your headset you receive sport watch information like your time, distance, pace, and mile splits. You get live voice feedback and coaching, along with a heart rate monitor, and your VO2 max. All the while you can still listen to your music, hear your virtual coach, and receive live voice feed back. There's absolutely nothing to carry. All this information comes through your headset.

The device is very comfortable and is waterproof up to 3 meters. Kuai can work autonomously or connected to other devices, it can receive data from bike sensors and power meters by ANT+ and send data to sport watches and phones by ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart.

This is the perfect training partner for runners, cyclists, swimmers, and fitness enthusiasts.

Watch the video at:, and you'll be amazed like I was.

Place your order now and take advantage of this cutting-edge training tool.


Monday, February 8, 2016


     Like many of you, I'm kind of a running junkie, and I truly enjoy finding new, interesting, and different products.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016


During the AFC championship game between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos, which was played at an altitude of 5,280 feet , two weeks ago, in Denver, I received a series of text messages from a running friend of many years (who shall remain nameless) musing over the fact that some of these overpaid athletes, young men in their 20s, for the most part, were having a hard time running up and down the field. They had difficulty running 50 or 60 yards before they were gassed. Hands on their hips, gasping for the thin Colorado air.

Don't get me wrong. Professional football players are extraordinary physical specimens. To get hit by a 260-pound linebacker, traveling at under 5-seconds per 40 yards would not pleasant. It would be like getting hit by a small vehicle.

But, come on. These guys get paid millions upon millions of dollars, and we run 5Ks, half marathons, and marathons.

Professional football players train long hours.

We train for longer hours.

Football players, at the professional level, benefit from the most modern training facilities.

We train outside in the rain, snow, wind and heat.

People pay astronomical amounts to watch an NFL game.

We pay astronomical entry fees to run races.

And, tomorrow, the world virtually stops because it's Super Bowl Sunday.

But we don't.

Some of you will run a race.

Almost all of you will turn in a training run. Some of those runs may last as long as the Super Bowl. (minus the commercials)

Tomorrow evening, as you consume the nachos and chicken wings, you will probably have burned a thousand calories or so.

Pretty super!

The Super Bowl is cool. I'll be glued to the television. The game should be good, the commercials well be great.

But runners and running?

Now, that's super!

Continue to be super.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


How about that Punxsutawney Phil?

This morning, the detestable rodent from the western region of my fair state, did not see his shadow, thus predicting that spring is "right around the corner."

Hmm...I DID run in shorts today, as the temperatures hovered in the low 50s, and the sun shone brightly.

Legend tells us that if a groundhog sees its shadow on February 2nd, winter will last another six weeks. German settlers imported this folklore to Pennsylvania in the 1700s. Now, Punxsutawney Phil’s handlers maintain 100 percent accuracy in his seasonal predictions, since the first Groundhog Day celebration in 1887, but statistics tell a different story. The actual "success rate" of the 'whistle pig's' (yep, another name for a groundhog) forecast hovers around 37%. Perhaps about as accurate as most local weather persons.

I love writing about Groundhog Day, but I absolutely hate groundhogs. They are ugly, destructive creatures. Groundhogs rut farm fields, ravage crops, and cause general destruction. They carry rabies, and have attacked my dog on two separate occasions.

But furry little Phil remains one of those traditions that is probably "cute" to cling to.

Chances are, winter WILL hang on for at least another six weeks, but as long as I can plant my spring onions around St. Paddy's Day, and run in shorts for most of the month of March, I can endure the prediction of the oversized buck-toothed rat.