Thursday, June 16, 2016


Now, this is getting a bit redundant.

Last Friday evening, he did it again!

85-year old Canadian, Ed Whitlock, arguably the world's greatest athlete, did what he does best: set a world record.

At the Cambridge Classic Mile, held annually in Cambridge, Ontario, Whitlock obliterated the previous mile record for men aged 85 or over, by turning in a time of 7:18. The previous record was 8:04.07 held by Germany’s Josef Galia, set in 1985.

A bit ho-hum for Whitlock.

Did I mention that, back on April 24, at the Waterloo Half Marathon, Whitlock ran a time of 1:50:47, breaking the previous half marathon age group record by nine minutes?

Ed Whitlock is the first person over 70 to have broken three hours in the marathon when he ran 2:59:10 in 2003. Since turning 70, he has broken the three-hour barrier multiple times including a 2:54:48, at age 73. He holds age group records from the 1,500 meters to the marathon.

Ed Whitlock is remarkable.

What's more, having had the privilege of meeting him at Berwick's Run for the Diamonds last November, he is a very humble, gracious man. It was an honor be in his company.

Soon after meeting him at Berwick, I wrote a blog about it. The next day I received an email from Ed, thanking me for the kind words.

Congratulations to Ed Whitlock, and here's hoping he continues to rewrite the record books for many, many years to come.