Sunday, January 4, 2015


Back in the day, and "the day" was pretty much the decade of the '80s, nothing stopped us.

Like the postman, when our training run was scheduled, it was done. Neither rain, snow, nor dark of night stopped us from logging our proscribed amount of miles. We got the workout in, no matter what.the weather threw at us.

Heck, treadmills weren't even mainstream yet.

Then, something happened. Well, I guess that "something" was life, age, commitments, and even a certain amount of complacency.

So, for 2015, I've made the commitment, resolution if you will, to "go postal" once again.

Yesterday, snow and sleet blanketed the ground, creating slick, dangerous surfaces. No matter. a 4-miler was scheduled. The main goal was to remain vertical. Mission accomplished.

Today broke as a total mess. Yesterday's frozen precipitation turned into icy cold slush. Fog blanketed the mountains, and damp cold penetrated the bones.

As he has for five decades, my running partner, Brian Tonitis, met me at "The Stump."

The Stump is no longer, but the name has remained. Years ago, on the corner a block from my house, a huge remnant of a giant oak tree marked the embarkation point for most of our workouts. Age and erosion have caused the stump to vanish, but we still begin our runs from that spot, and we still call it "The Stump."

At 11:00 a.m. sharp, we began our scheduled 10-mile run, and although we gingerly turned on icy corners, and slogged through ankle-deep puddles, we completed the workout in a decent time.

'Going Postal' may be difficult, but it builds character. Use the treadmill for hanging  your wet running clothes and get out there, no matter what the weather.

Could it be dangerous?


Might it be unpleasant?

Of course.

But I'm still standing after 39 years.

Take proper precautions. Make sure you're visible. Utilize the new fabrics and shoes, and get out there whenever you can.