Sunday, January 11, 2015


My 2015 running logbook, a "barometer," of daily running and weather conditions, features a miserable mixed bag of northeast winter weather during the opening days of the New Year.

After a delightful 5-mile run under sunny, 45-degree temperatures on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland on New Year's Day, atmospheric conditions quickly deteriorated.

January 2 was cloudy and 37 degrees, then, quoting from my logbook below:

January 3-30 degrees-Snow, sleet, slippery roads-4 miles
January 4-36 degrees-Damp, slushy-10 miles
January 5-25 degrees-Wind chill-11 below 0-4 miles
January 6-18 degrees-2 " snowfall-4 miles
January 7-14 degrees-Wind chill-0-5 miles
January 8-12 degrees-Wind chill-2 below-5 miles
January 9-22 degrees-Wind chill-11-5 miles
January 10-4 degrees-Day Off-On the way to Myrtle Beach

It's cold in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina today. (if you live here) Temperatures are on the way into the 50s, and I find it delightful!

A 600 mile trip south to experience a change in latitude is just what I need January. Conditions that seem cold to South Carolina natives, suit me just fine. It's like I advanced the calendar to mid-March in Pennsylvania.

After a week of training I'll head down the road to beautiful Charleston, where I'll serve as guest speaker at the pre-race dinner on Friday evening, then on Saturday I'll run the Charleston Half Marathon.

For us Northerners, a mid-winter change in latitude is the perfect antidote to the wintertime blues.

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