Monday, December 15, 2014


'My philosophy, then, is “tech it up baby.” Whether it’s shoes or goos, utilize all that’s out there. Keep yourself warm and dry, and look good in the process. Use every byte of statistical data that will enable you to log more miles and achieve better times. Jump on the treadmill to avoid that icy day. Purchase a TENS machine in order to electrocute an injury. Listen to your favorite music safely as you run. Get the app that suits your training needs. Employ the great power of social media to communicate with runners in your neighborhood and around the world. Gather information and advice that will improve your running and keep you healthy. Read blogs, especially, of course, mine: They are short reads, and can often be quite valuable as well as entertaining.'

The chapter is entitled, 'Tech It Baby.'

It is one of the chapters in my latest book, "Personal Best." www,

I wrote the book in order to arm your running arsenal with as many weapons as you need in order to achieve your personal best.

And as we prepare to enter 2015, this veteran of "sweatsuits," hand-held watches and courses run without GPS devices, absolutely loves all the great stuff out there for runners these days that I'll categorize as "Tech" stuff.

When I send this blog into cyberspace, sharing it from Indiana to Italy; from New Mexico to New Zealand, I'll don my lightweight, quick-drying base layer shirt, link in my GPS watch, fire up my iPod with some Christmas music, and I'll be off.

Heck, I might take a selfie, I'll share my workout with my running friends on a great website: Running for the Health of It, where yesterday I received a snowy post from a member who lives in Alaska, as well as one from a member who resides in Mississippi. who was running in his singlet and shorts.

Yesterday I wrote a training program for a runner in Singapore. I hit the 'send' button and he had his training program instantly.

Remember, when I started in this running business, there were no goos, no sophisticated tracking in marathons, no Gore-Tex, no heart monitors.

Use all of it!

And here's the great thing about our great sport.

Sometimes it's fun to use NONE of it.

Lace up the shoes, throw on shorts and a top and run on the beach. Keep the watch (and the phone) at home. Don't put anything in your ears and go.

Be the first one to run on a snowy trail, or take in the autumn foliage.

Smell the sweet spring air.

But, it IS really cool to tech it, baby!

So, now I'll share something from You Tube, which is also on my iPod power playlist.

Happy Holidays from the Dropkick Murphys