Monday, December 29, 2014


Yesterday I ran an 8-mile workout on a beautiful local river trail. Around mile 5 or 6, I felt some pain on the inside of my left knee. I was able to finish the workout strong, but last night, I experienced a slight but of discomfort as I walked around.

Back in the summer I tried a product which I found to be the most effective for knee pain. It is the Alpha Athletica Compression Knee Sleeve, which I highly endorse. I advertise it on my website,, and it can be found and purchased on Amazon.

My wife loves to borrow my running gear, and she felt the same about the Alpha Athletica Compression Knee Sleeve as I did, so she decided to "borrow" it. Today, when I needed the knee stabilization, it could not be found.

Rather than become upset, I reverted to a tried and true method of dealing with minor leg, knee, hip, or back issues.

 I changed shoes.

It is essential, in my opinion, to have another pair of shoes handy at all times. The spare pair should be a different brand, and preferably an entirely different style from what you're currently running in.

You see, running injuries begin from the feet and tend to work their way up your body. A slight change in the plant of the foot, and a minor ache is allowed to heal with little damage to your training regimen. That is the basic principle behind orthotics.

Today I made the radical shift from my Nike Free training shoes, which are light and glove-like, to a pair of Hokas, which are well-cushioned, but bulkier.

I was able to run 4 pain-free miles.

You can keep pairs of shoes for trails, roads, and even track work, but when an unwanted ache of pain appears, change your shoes and you will feel better.

Oh, and don't let your spouse borrow your stuff!