Saturday, December 27, 2014


Few people, except perhaps postal employees and folks who make a living by repairing telephone or electrical lines, appreciate pleasant weather conditions (or detest miserable ones) as much as runners. Most of us get out there and log miles in all kinds of weather. Today we are fortunate enough to have access to high-tech fabrics that make running tolerable, under the most wretched weather conditions.

Still, most runners desire those calm, sunny days, where the temperatures hover in the 50s or 60s.

In many of the northern areas of the Northern Hemisphere, those kinds of days usually bless us during a portion of the Spring and Autumn months.

Indeed, a year ago, snow covered the ground here in Pennsylvania, temperatures hovered in the 30s, and the Polar Vortex was about to strike.

Today, and for most of Christmas week, however, we received a reprieve.

Conditions were nothing short of magnificent today.

The sun shone brightly, the wind was calm, and the air even smelled sweet.

I waited until early afternoon in order to take advantage of maximum thermal heat, when the temperature hit 55 degrees, before I set out on my 5-mile run. Runners, walkers, and cyclists seemed to be everywhere.

It was great to be clad in shorts, but my long-sleeve top and t-shirt actually proved to be too much, as I overheated quickly.

The workout was exhilarating, but it wasn't enough. My dogs and I spent an hour walking through the mountain, and I still had time to rake some of the leaves I neglected to clean up in November. On December 27, it was simply too nice to stay indoors.

I'm sure runners up and down the east coast of America enjoyed the temporary weather reprieve. Rain showers will usher in a cold front tomorrow, and next week, temperatures will drop below freezing.

Appreciate every great day offered to us, and keep in mind that our best running days lie ahead.

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