Friday, December 26, 2014


In less than a week we will begin a new year.

For many, this renewed trip around the sun is a time for renewal, promises, and goals.

For the new year, all of us seek to achieve our personal best.

Since I published my first book, "Running Shorts," in 2011, which was a chronicle of MY running life, I devoted my time to writing a book that would help to coach and inspire others to reach their personal best.

With goals and objectives ready to be launched next week, I truly believe that if you read my new book, 'Personal Best,' you WILL reach your personal best in 2015.

Visit my website,, and you can purchase 'Personal Best,' and 'Running Shorts,' for the lowest price of $9.99, and I'll personally sign the books for you.

You can also visit Amazon,, to learn more about me and my books, which are available on Amazon.

'Personal Best' is available for Kindle, and in both print and eBook form on Barnes and Noble.

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More blogs to come this week. I hope everyone is having a terrific Holiday season.