Sunday, November 15, 2015


Since I published my first book, Running Shorts: A Collection of Stories and Advice for Anyone Who Has Ever Laced Up a Pair of Running Shoes, in 2011, and subsequently with the publication of Personal Best, in 2014, I have traveled across the country and to Canada, delivering speeches and selling books to runners everywhere. One of the great privileges I have gained thanks to this contact with runners is the ability to follow their progress, to encourage, and to offer advice when I can.

So, when you buy my books, I am happy to provide old-fashioned "Service after the sale."

You can go to my website, my email: (  me on my Facebook page, 'Joe Muldowney Running,' or shoot me a Tweet at: rdrunnr00, and I'll be happy to offer whatever help or advice you seek.

It's also fun to report, either here on the blog, or on Facebook, the success stories of so many of the runners I have met.

So, buy one, or both of my books, and you will laugh and cry, be inspired, and learn how to improve your running, then, just like bringing the car back to the shop, feel free to come back for service after the sale.

 From now until Christmas day, if you visit my website, you can take advantage of the Christmas two for one sale.

For the retail price of one book, $14.99 plus shipping, you can purchase BOTH books, Personal Best, AND Running Shorts. That's $7.50 for running books written by a runner for runners.

Heck, you can even purchase two of the same book, if you like.

I will personally sign each book and send it out to you promptly.

Maybe the runner on your Christmas list would prefer a 'virtual' gift.

Purchase my personalized training program at the cost of $25.00, and you or the runner in your life will see your race times improve.

Many of you like to shop on Amazon. (So do I),

Check out my author page, where you can buy the books, review the reviews, or pick up the Kindle version of Personal Best for only $1.99.

Finally, my publisher, will be offering book specials throughout the Holiday season. You can find my books there as well.

So, Black Friday has begun here. For a low price you can pick up a great gift for the runner on your Christmas list.

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