Saturday, November 28, 2015


The weather was magnificent for Berwick, Pennsylvania's 106th annual Run for the Diamonds race on Thanksgiving Day. Temperatures edged toward the 60-degree mark.

In fact, here in Pennsylvania, November of 2015 will be the warmest November on record. Yesterday I put up my outdoor Christmas decorations wearing short sleeves.

Now, we're all concerned about global warming and climate change, but as I gaze at the long-range forecast and El Nino predictions, I'll take it!

Running in temperatures that hover in the 40s and 50s is ideal. Snow and ice are not.

But, let's face it, climate change or not, enjoy the mild temperatures while they last. They are certain to be temporary.

 Keep an eye on that weather forecast. Continue running your speed workouts on your local track before (if you live in the north) it's covered with a blanket of snow. Plan those long runs, if you can, on the days when temperatures are mild.

So, take advantage of our temporary climate reprieve.

Winter's icy grip will arrive soon enough.

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