Friday, September 18, 2015


Having written two books about running, I frequently enjoy reading other writers perspectives about our sport and its benefits.

I recently read, Happiness Step By Step: The most practical how-to guide to more happiness in your everyday life, and...the most unusual easy running guide,, by Usual Oddman (you gotta love that pen name).

The book is great and the download is free!

Most of know that running is a positive addiction. In this book, the author explains the addictive nature of running, and lists reasons why we should embrace the addiction.

The book begins by outlining what are the things in life that really make us happy. There are a lot of unhappy millionaires out there. Movie stars, professional athletes, and other high-profile individuals may have reached a level of success, but many are dreadfully unhappy.

For the person who may need motivation to begin an exercise regimen, the author is a superb salesman. He offers many concrete reasons why it is time to get up from the sofa and get out for a run. And to make it easier for non-runners, he suggests an easy, regular workout schedule.

Peace-of-mind, stress release, camaraderie, and physical wellness are all incentives for those who may be reluctant to become runners.

The issue of weight loss is tackled by providing scientific and medical evidence about the effects of regular exercise and calorie burn along with a sensible approach to food consumption. Simply put: a regular running regimen, along with sensible eating habits, WILL result in weight loss.

There is a chapter that offers tips on proper running techniques, as well as some suggestions on what prevents many folks from embarking on a regular running program: finding the time to do it.

Most veteran runners recognize the importance of having running goals. In this book, the author recommends the half marathon distance as both a reasonable and an attainable goal for anyone who plans to run.

Simply, the author has, in a short, concise manner, written a recipe book that links running with happiness.

In a sense, he is a preacher and veteran runners are the choir. We all want more members of our running congregation, and this book is an excellent method of spreading our running gospel.

Read this book and recommend it to your friends. It is free and packed with advice that all runners can benefit from.

You can also go to to sign up for the author's new releases,mailing list, and to receive free bonuses.

Check it out and experience happiness...step by step.