Thursday, September 10, 2015


It hasn't rained around these parts for three solid weeks. The grass has turned brown, and leaves are already beginning to lose their green color and are falling from some of the trees. Late summer temperatures, which topped the 90-degree mark for the past week, made running uncomfortable, to say the least.

Today, a steady rain, measuring over an inch, more in some areas, cooled the torrid temps, and made running a joy again.

Dropping nearly thirty degrees, into the high 60s, running through and between the rain drops felt like a refreshing, cool shower.

Most runners appreciate a cool summer rain, as long as it is not accompanied by thunder and lightning, so we best enjoy it while we can.

Soon, chilling precipitation will soak us to the bone. You know, that raw, penetrating rain that, despite our modern fabrics, chills our bodies and stings our faces, causing us to curse and cringe.

But, for today at least, we enjoyed and appreciated nature's shower.