Monday, September 21, 2015


Tomorrow marks the official start of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Clearly, however, judging by the chill in the early morning air here in Pennsylvania, the season arrived a day early.

And, for runners, what a glorious season it is. Arguably, the best running weather of the year will greet us for at least the next eight weeks. Mornings will be crisp and cool. Many days will feature warm afternoon sun that's not too warm, as the sun moves farther away from us.

In addition, runners, perhaps more than any other athletes, will not only witness, but will actually be a part of nature's amazing transformation, as leaves change colors and we run through the magnificent foliage.

Races will abound throughout the next few weeks, and blazing summer heat will no longer slow us down. Yes, we are going to be forced to 'layer up' our clothing, but the effort will be well worth it as we see our race times tumble.

Don't squander these coming weeks. Select a couple of race distances you'd like to attack, and peak for those events. Don't fall victim to 'overracing,' rather, concentrate on the twin pillars of success: a weekly long run and a weekly speed workout during the weeks you don't race. Both workouts become much more pleasant during the fall months.

And, when we reach the end of this season and the Winter Solstice raises it's icy head?

Then it's time to reward yourself as you look back and contemplate your successes and setbacks of 2015.

Use the holidays to take a break for a couple of weeks, ready to rededicate yourself for the new year.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Enjoy this magnificent fall season. Train and race well. When you do, each day will be your personal best.