Tuesday, September 15, 2015


It hasn't been the best of times in my running life.

After battling back from a career-threatening double hamstring tear in 2013, and finally getting close to my previous running self, a dull ache on the inside of my knee, which appeared in mid-August, developed into a debilitating pain, resulting in another visit to my orthopedic surgeon.

MRI results revealed a torn medial meniscus. Certainly not life-threatening, but as every runner knows, enough to make one want to smash the nearest object in frustration.

My orthopedic surgeon, a young man who served as a fellow to the renowned surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, suggested a conservative, non-surgical approach, requiring patience, with the promise of full recovery.

So. for now, I'm cycling, lifting weights to strengthen my leg, and riding the elliptical.

But, here's the good news for all. I'm approaching my fourth decade of running. My knee problem was a direct result of my overcompensation for my weakened, unstable hamstring. It was NOT a result of simply running.

My very knowledgeable physician, Doctor Jason Phillips, emphatically stated what I already know, have written about, and studied, based on a great deal of research.

Despite what the haters tell you, running WILL NOT "Ruin your knees."

Overall, running is actually very good for your knees.

I have yet to know a runner who has a knee replacement.

Being sedentary and overweight, on the other hand, WILL, eventually ruin your knees.

So the next time a friend, relative, or co-worker, donut in hand, preaches to you about the ruination of your knees due to running...well, I'll let you answer, providing the expletives.

In the meantime, I'll see you back on the roads,,,soon.