Saturday, January 9, 2016


It's been a busy week.

Marathon season is upon us. March, April and May are ideal months to run a marathon, and although a bum knee will prevent me from running a marathon this spring, this week, with the Holiday season in the rear view mirror, requests for marathon training programs have flooded my desk. Well, you know what I mean, my laptop, not my desk.

I must confess, two of those requests shot to the top of my priority list.

My daughter, Kelly, an accomplished academic, (genetics she clearly did not receive from her father) never liked to sweat. In her mid-20s, she announced that she was going to run a marathon. To her father's delight and amazement, as she had never run a 5K. Well, she did, and to date, she's run six of them. She is running the Ottawa Marathon, with her husband, Mike in May. She wants to break 5 hours and Mike wants to crack the 4-hour barrier.

Father Chris Zelonis never ran much in his youth either, but he does now. At age 39, he qualified for the 2016 Boston Marathon and is flirting with breaking the coveted 3-hour mark. Barring unusual weather conditions, he will do so at Boston.

I'm working on their training programs for April and May as we speak.

The remarkable story of Kelly is told in my book, "Running Shorts;" while the extraordinary story of Father Chris is chronicled in my book, "Personal Best."

But let's talk about you.

Hey guys, I've been running for forty years now, and one thing I've come to know: as runners, we LOVE to talk about us!

Looking for a cheap, effective running plan for races from 5K to the marathon?

Get your order in now, and I'll get started.

Go to Fiverr,, type "running" in the search box, and find me. I'll design a running program for you, starting at $5.00. Oh, and also check out the reviews. It's fun to write programs for runners from Austria to Singapore.

The desk/laptop is filling up and marathon/racing is approaching.

I'll be happy to help you get across the finish line