Thursday, January 28, 2016


It is often satisfying as well as beneficial to run for something (or someone) other than yourself.

Run On A Mission (ROAM LLC) is a privately owned company that dedicates it time to helping those organizations and people needing to raise money for a cause and awareness. The focus of ROAM is people and it’s community. ROAM believes that relationships are important and a necessity. Their concept is to help and service you in any way they can. ROAM is truly a customer friendly company. So, if you wish to be part of the ROAM family, contact them. At ROAM they would love to hear from you and make you family.

And, you can become a part of this mission by running a virtual race...for a cause.

A member of the ROAM team, Eli Brown, describes the mission:

"What fuel does your life RUN on? What drives you? What are you passionate about? What causes are worth investing in? What is YOUR MISSION? Those are just a handful of the questions I have been asking myself lately and I intend on figuring that out this year! It's time for less "wondering" and more focus, prayer, investment, and ... some running. I am working on a new blog and fundraising company called @RunOnAMission. We are just getting started, but stay tuned for more info to come! Our MISSION is to help raise money for organizations and people making a positive difference in their community and the world around them. We want to partner with others whose lives are fueled and Running On A Mission. If you are interested in following the journey, you can follow myself and my running partner Eddie at @RunOnAMission on IG, Twitter and Facebook. And if you have suggestions, connections, causes, resources or ideas, let me know. I am trusting my fam and friends to help me do this right! Check out the site at ... We are at the starting block and this race is about to take off!" #RunOnAMission #Missions #Fundraising #CouchTo5k #StayTuned #MoreToCome."

I am proud to have been asked to contribute to this site and its worthy purpose, by writing a blog about my daughter, Kelly, and her personal running mission.