Wednesday, January 13, 2016


We had our first snowfall of the season here in Pennsylvania yesterday.

In what has thus far been an unusually mild winter, caused by El Nino, according to the weather pundits, to receive less than an inch of the white stuff for the season's first snowfall on January 12 is pretty remarkable.

What followed the squall was a bitter cold front that cleared the air, dropped the temperature, and created the first winter scene we've experienced in these parts since last March.

Now, I hate winter. Snow, ice and freezing temperatures are not my ideas of fun. That said, I have often written about perspectives.

For example, few people appreciate good health until they no longer have it.

So, as I geared up to run on a snow-covered trail, with wind chills making it feel as though the temperatures were in the single digits, I actually looked forward to my outdoor workout today.

On an out-and-back route, our footprints left in the snow, the sun glaring off the pure whiteness, the run, with my running partner of over 35 years, Brian Tonitis, was magnificent.

With a gimpy knee, still feeling the effects of arthroscopic surgery, I was able to record 3-miles, for the first time since my meniscus decided to tear in mid-August.

Two firsts in the same day. Not a big deal in the big scheme of life, but if you're a runner, and you want to keep running for many years, it's necessary to adjust and adapt, to accept setbacks and appreciate what you have.

If you do, your "firsts" will always be significant to you.