Sunday, January 31, 2016


Write it in the books.

 Log your final workout.

 January is gone.

Good riddance!

Now, to be fair, this time last year, and the year before, I was whining about the Polar Vortex, Arctic blasts, and an assortment of other meteorological terms that weather folks seem to attempt to impress us with these days, so, in the large scheme of things, January 2016 hasn't been that bad.

Until last Saturday, when two feet of snow buried us, temperatures had been relatively mild, and there was no snow...anywhere. My favorite local trails were dry and very runnable.

Since then, things have not been so good. Snow corridors have narrowed down the streets in my town, and trails are now the exclusive realm of the local deer population.

But, temperatures are supposed to reach the 50 degree mark in the next couple of days, snow piles will shrink, January is gone, the days are longer, sun higher in the sky, and there is hope.

Statistically, here in Pennsylvania, February brings the most snow, but March is not far behind.

If you survived this most brutal of months. If you were able to build a base with long winter miles, you are properly preparing yourself for a successful 2016 racing season.

January has passed, and now the calendar will work in your favor.

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