Friday, January 22, 2016


As winters go, this has been a pretty good one for runners. As I gaze out my window in northeastern Pennsylvania, not a speck of white dots the ground. To date, our only snow has come in the form of a dusting, which quickly vanished.

But from the Carolinas to New England, that's about to change in the next 24 hours. Unless you've been tucked under your blankets the past week, you know that blizzard conditions will grip the eastern seaboard tomorrow.

In anticipation of the 'snowmageddon,' I've already planned a day off from running tomorrow, and if you're within the storm's "bull's eye," so should you.

Little good will come out of slogging out slow miles outside during tomorrow's storm. (If you have a treadmill, then knock yourself out) You will be a danger to yourself and others, your miles will be dreadfully slow, your chances of falling will be greatly increased, and the risk of tweaking a muscle or tendon just isn't worth it.

A day off will help, not hurt you. Enjoy the beauty of the snow, and feel comfort in knowing that your aerobic activity will be satisfied by shoveling, plowing, or playing outdoors with the kids or the grandkids.

Relax, take a deep breath, and accept the fact that it is winter, and many of us are still stuck here in the frozen north.

Be safe.

And take a rest.