Thursday, January 7, 2016


Following is an excerpt from my latest book, Personal Best.
"Your first step toward a personal best should begin right now.

There are over forty million reasons, in the United States alone, why folks have chosen running as a means of achieving personal bests. Their objectives range from weight loss to a shot at the Olympics.

It is the choice, however, not the reason, that matters. We live in a society that craves instant gratification; a drive-through world where the most exercise many people get in a given day is the movement of their thumbs and fingers over keyboards, Smartphones, and iPods. Overweight has led to obese; obese has ‘grown’ into morbidly obese. Americans are killing themselves in record numbers by mixing a lethal cocktail consisting of overeating, overindulgence, and lack of exercise."
Both of my books, Personal Best and Running Shorts are available now, for the lowest price yet, $7.99 each, plus $2.00 shipping and handling, at Heck, that's about what we pay for a pair of socks today.
You can also go to Amazon, at: where you can find both books, reviews of them, and the Kindle version of Personal Best for $1.99. Try finding a pair of socks for that price these days!
The books are also available from my publisher's site:
Fact is, if you plan to take you first running step, run your first marathon, or want to learn how to drop that marathon time, Personal Best will offer ways for you to achieve your goal.
If you want to be inspired, to laugh or cry, with stories from the road, read Running Shorts.
And, as my readers know, I pride myself as a "hands on" author. Having trouble with plantar fasciitis? Let me tell you about the 'donut' cure. Want to break 3 hours for the marathon? We can develop a training plan together to make that happen.
It's 2016. A new year, with new goals, hopes and aspirations.
Want to achieve your personal best?
Let me know.
I'll help you get there.

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