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very inspirational March 8, 2015
Coming back from an injury that sidelined me over the fall and winter, Joe reminds me what started my running career. Thanks, Joe!
Highly recommend December 3, 2014
As a longtime runner who is trying to get back into the swing of almost-daily running, this book was just what the doctor ordered. You'll instantly be hooked as the author recounts his unforgettable experience on that tragic day at the Boston marathon in 2013. It's obvious that this veteran runner knows his stuff, and he's kind enough to share his knowledge (from watches to shoes to rest days to training programs, etc) with...Read More
Mark Will-Weber, author of "The Quotable Runner" and "Run for the Diamonds" December 3, 2014
I really enjoy Muldowney's writing on running, because he really speaks to the "Old School" runner and somehow manages to convey to new runners this important aspect of our sport: Why Running Matters.
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Makes me want to lace up my shoes and run!! November 20, 2014
Personal Best is an excellent read for runners of all levels. Muldowney opens with an emotional look back at the tragic events at the Boston Marathon in 2013. From there he details ways in which a runner at any level can achieve his/her "personal best" in a foot race. Very inspiring and just the advice I needed going into my Fall marathon. Muldowney will make you want to get out on the road and/or sign up for another...Read More
Dr. J reviewed Personal Best
it's a great book. Even if you have never run before ... November 20, 2014
Inspiring book, if you're a runner looking to be re energized, motivated, it's a great book. Even if you have never run before you will be touched by some person accounts. Easy read. True stories.
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Read Personal Best to get your personal best! November 18, 2014
Joe's easy-to-read style makes this a fast read; then you'll want to read it again to catch all the "gems" found in its pages. If you are a runner, you will relate to so many of the joys, troubles and even tragedies found in Personal Best. If you know a runner, reading this will certainly help you figure out what makes your runner tick. Everyone will benefit from learning about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing from the...Read More
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Great relatable book for runners! November 14, 2014
Being a fellow runner, I absolutely love this book. I kept trying to push the like button! I enjoyed Joe's first one and as an experienced runner, once again I can relate to all that is written in this book. If you're a novice or an expert you will enjoy this book. -ken shapiro
Relatable and inspiring! November 14, 2014
Whether you were a runner in high school, or a newer runner currently training for a few local races, or perhaps you're a weekend warrior logging a few miles with your best running partners, or maybe even your best running days are behind you, you will absolutely relate to this illustrative book. Joe Muldowney paints a picture in your mind of his finest (and funniest) stories of the road that will have you quite literally laughing...Read More
Drew reviewed Personal Best
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Fantastic read for all runners November 13, 2014
Fantastic read for all runners!! Great personal stories that people can relate, and training advice that is straight forward and easy to understand. I really enjoyed Joe discussing his mindset and approach while in training, running races or being injured. Great read for all types and level of runners.
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Must read! November 12, 2014
As a new runner, I am always looking for tips and enjoy reading stories about runners I can relate to. I would highly recomend this book to any type of runner. A newbie or someone just looking to improve their game. It was an easy, enjoyable read, with quick tips you can put into action right away. Working on my personal best right now and it only keeps improving!
An amazing book. November 12, 2014
Joe has dedicated his running life to the pages of this book to help other runners. A must read.
Great Book for Runner's of all Abilities. November 11, 2014
A Great Book for Runners of all Abilities . The First Chapter alone is worth the price of the book

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