Monday, December 14, 2015


My friend reported his race results to me yesterday. He had run a 10K in the morning, and he had a problem...It was too warm!!

Here in eastern Pennsylvania, temperatures reached the 70s yesterday, topping records that have stood since the early 1900s.

After two consecutive winters of Polar Vortexes, and snowy starts (this time last year, we already had thirteen inches of snow on the ground, and two years ago I attended the game between the Detroit Lions and the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia, which was dubbed the Snow Bowl due to the whiteout conditions) most of us will take this mild weather for as long as Mother Nature allows.

They're calling it El Nino this year, a leveling of the jet stream that is keeping those cold conditions in Canada where they belong, and as I glance at the long range forecast, we may experience a wet Christmas, but we're not going to have a White Christmas, as temperatures are expected to be in the high 50s on Christmas Day.

What a bonus this is for runners. It extends the time we can get to our local track for a few extra speed workouts, and those trails we love, that are often snow covered or rutted with ice as we enter this time of year remain available for our use. We don't have to layer up, and thus far, we haven't had to battle icy winds, leaving our balaclavas in storage.

And, in eight days, we here in the Northern Hemisphere will begin to come out of the dark, when the Winter Solstice comes and goes on December 22. Slowly, daylight hours will increase, which is a plus for all of us.

So, "put the money in the bank." We would be foolish to think that winter will avoid us completely, but we can revel in this temporary reprieve. Keep wearing those shorts until your legs attain that rosy glow. Take advantage of snowless conditions before the storms arrive. Get those long runs in before the wind cuts through you like a razor.

Enjoy El Nino....While it lasts.

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