Friday, February 27, 2015


Are you unbalanced?

I know I am.

This morning I paid my weekly visit to my chiropractor, Doctor Jason Burgess. Dr. Burgess, an accomplished runner and coach, is the cover model for my latest book, Personal Best.  He and his wife, Jennifer, are veteran runners, and possess a wealth of knowledge about the sport as well as how to heal and prevent injuries. Their practice, Healing Hands Chiropractic, has two locations, in Mount Carmel and Minersville, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Burgess is currently working on loosening my lower back and left leg muscles.

After a a tear of two hamstring tendons in my left leg in May of 2013, my rehabilitation has been long, slow, and frustrating. I have worked diligently at strengthening the affected area, and I have never stretched so much in my running life. I've taken to doing a yoga routine two or three times a week. I've performed one-legged bridges, used stretch bands, and an exercise ball, all in an effort to return to where I was before the injury.

Today, as we discussed some of my recent physical setbacks, Dr. Burgess offered an excellent suggestion.

"Did you ever try balance exercises?"

My answer was, "No, I haven't."

It didn't take me long, however, to process his advice, which makes a lot of sense.

Although strong, my affected leg is often wobbly. Sometimes, it seems to "slap" the ground.

When I returned home, I immediately went to You Tube and looked up "Balance Exercises for Runners." The video I found is a simple, 3-minute routine, which is relatively easy, although, I'll admit, I was pretty woeful. (stay close to a wall, or have a chair handy)

We are constantly seeking ways to improve our running and to stay healthy. I'm going to continue with this balance routine. I'm sure there are many more versions of it out there, so do your research.

From where I stand, (wobbly as it may be) balancing exercises for runners make a lot of sense.