Friday, February 20, 2015


Since many of us are currently stuck in the deep freeze, it's time to think about spring races, if, for no other reason, to set some type of goal in orderto get us through the winter doldrums.

To those of you training for the Boston Marathon, don't panic yet. I've been where you are. Simply try to maintain your fitness level through February, and throughout March, don't bother to enter races; rather, concentrate on long runs on weekends of that month.

Yesterday I told you about the Gettysburg North-South Marathon, which will be run on April 26.

If you feel you need a little more time to train, allow me to suggest another fine marathon, held here in Pennsylvania's beautiful Pocono Mountains.

The Run for the Red Pocono Marathon will be run on Sunday, May 17, beginning at 8:00 a.m., with a start at Pocono Mountain West High School, in Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania.

This fast, point-to-point course is a big, little marathon. There is a cap of 1600 runners and 150 relay teams. A 5K also accompanies the marathon and marathon relay.

In 2012, I ran the race, and I loved it.

Don't worry about the race being run in the middle of May. The Pocono Mountains lie at a higher elevation than most of the state, and I would guess that 70% of the largely rural course is covered in shade. The average high temperatures at that time of year are 65 degrees for a high and 45 for a low temperature

You won't get a large number of spectators at the Run for the Red, but you will get dedicated, competent groups of volunteers, and a course that is a net downhill, and is very fast. It is a point-to-point course, with a nice finish on the Stroudsburg High School track.

Entry fees are reasonable, and there are plenty of awards.

Having run this race, I would give it my highest recommendation.

For more information about the Run for the Red Pocono Marathon, visit their website: