Thursday, February 26, 2015


The snow pile has almost reached my Margaritaville Way sign, near which so many summer celebrations occur on my outside deck. It's time for me to gear up for a run, which will require a half hour of proper layering. A light snow falls, the temperature is 19 degrees. It's a beautiful winter scene, but... ENOUGH ALREADY!

It's not enough to have to endure the elements each day.

Enter the weathermen.

Turn on the television and this is what you get.

"The third coldest February on record."

"Temperatures continue to remain 20 degrees below normal."

"The Polar Vortex."

"More winter weather on the way."

"Expect a slow commute."

"Boston remains buried."

"The long-range forecast for early March predicts more below average temperatures."

It's almost like they delight in this stuff.

Yesterday, I scheduled a 4 x 800 meter workout. To think about running on a track is ridiculous, so I traveled to an area, near a local lake, where I can run a loop that is half mile. As I neared the right turn to take me around the lake, a 3-foot, icy, craggy snow pile blocked my way, causing me to alter my course. Not a major obstacle in the big scheme of life, but representative of the frustration we are all feeling right about now.

March, with better days and better weather, is right around the corner.

Good riddance February!