Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It was 12 degrees when I stepped out the door to run today. The weather has been horrendous for the past several weeks. Training on a weak, healing hamstring is frustrating. I came home today and tore open the most expensive electric bill I've paid in my entire life. The car is dirty, the garage is a mess, I'm tired of winter...wah, wah wah.

 It doesn't matter!!!

This morning, as I dressed for work, and as I enjoyed a morning coffee, I watched and listened to Travis Mills. Through my tears, I vowed to quit whining, because, on my television screen I watched a true American hero.

On his third tour of Afghanistan, on April 10, 2012, while on patrol with his troops, Staff Sergeant Travis Mills set his gear bag on an improvised explosive device. The blast tore through his 25-year old body, resulting in the loss of portion of all four of his limbs. The Michigan native went through six months of grueling rehabilitation, but never lost his spirit. On his website, www.travismills.org, Staff Sergeant Mills has a quote: "Never give up. Never quit."

This young warrior-hero has given so much to his country, to all of us, yet he still continues to give. Mills has started the Travis Mills Foundation, a non profit organization, formed to benefit and assist wounded veterans. He is a motivational speaker, and to watch him for a short 15 minutes is proof that this young man is an inspiration to us all.

We all get caught up with our problems. We all complain about things that we think are impossible to deal with. I suggest the next time that happens, think of Staff Sergeant Travis Mills.

Thank you Travis Mills for being an inspiring, true hero.

                                    Travis Mills-A Facebook Photo-Huffington Post Website