Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 ended today with a great 14-mile run, with former Olympic Trials marathoner, Lisa Haas, in a time of 1:42:40. We dodged motorists on the narrow, snow-clogged roads, tiptoed over icy patches, and plowed through knee-deep snow piles. Through it all, we completed both the run and the year.

Now it is time for a reset.

The rest of the world has its New Year's resolutions, but, for runners, a New Year brings the promise of more miles, faster races, and additional challenges. Heck, if you're lucky, you may even advance into a new age group.

If you haven't yet done so, purchase a running logbook. Yeah, yeah, I know we have our GPS watches, and our computer logs, but there's something more tangible about writing down your workouts. In my book,, Mile (Chapter) 8, is entitled, 'Running Log.' I have a shelf filled with running logbooks dating back to 1976. Tally up your miles from 2012, evaluate which workouts work for you, and which ones don't. Fine tune your training. Set your goals. Target one race a month as a high quality race, and work toward running that race and achieving a good time.

Set optimistic, but realistic goals for 2013. You may be reaching for your personal best time at certain distances, or you may be looking toward making an impact in your age division. No matter. It is the dawn of a new year, with new expectations.

As I write, I am consuming a Yuengling Black and Tan, brewed a mile down the road from me. Tonight, my wife and I will stay home, eat steak and seafood, and drink champagne. Tomorrow, I WILL run. No matter what your celebration may be this evening, you MUST run tomorrow. I have never missed a New Year's Day run. There is too much promise ahead, and, besides, there is no better cure for a hangover!

The Running Shorts book and speaking tour will be in full swing in 2013. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you at the Louisiana and Miami Marathons in January. In February we'll be at the Austin Marathon, and then at the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach in March. Stop by my seminar at each of these race's Expos. I thoroughly enjoy chatting about running, and hearing about your running exploits. Also, come to my little town of Pottsville, Pennsylvania for the first annual Yuengling Light Lager Jogger 5K, on April 13. 2500 runners are expected to participate. You can tour America's Oldest Brewery, and celebrate with a few brews after the race. I'm off for the Boston Marathon later that day, but I wouldn't miss the chance to be part of this race in my hometown.

For the past 36 years I have been privileged to be a competitive long distance runner, and to meet and compete against some of the finest folks on the planet...YOU! Runners, from all walks of life, with many great stories and running performances.

To all of you, from my family to yours, I wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

In 2013, and always, make each day your personal best!