Sunday, September 28, 2014


There is a tremendous Facebook page for runners out there, called Running For The Health of It.

The page was started by a young man, Troy Leatherbury, a personal trainer from the Philadelphia area, who wanted to spread the word about physical fitness.

Folks from around the country have joined the group, which now boasts over 1,100 members.

A very colorful member of the group, Felix Shipp, from Grenada, Mississippi, is a blue collar worker, who, in 2009, became disabled. Rather than continue to eat and smoke excessively, Felix chose to take control of his fitness and become a runner. He is now an accomplished marathon runner.

In my new book, Personal Best, available now at: www,, Felix Shipp's story is told in his own words, in the chapter entitled, 'Extraordinary.' He shares the chapter with Father Chris Zelonis and Jen Burgess, who also have extraordinary stories to tell.

I wrote Personal Best with a single purpose: to offer readers a self-help book that will enable them to achieve their personal best.

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Here is my video for Running For the Health of It.