Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Two years ago, in September 2012,  I began writing my second book.

Much happened in the past two years, and the book has taken many twists and turns.

Today I am proud and humbled to announce that my second book, "Personal Best," will be published on September 26.

"Personal Best" began as a runner's self help book, in which I used my running and coaching experiences over the past 38 years to guide the reader toward a personal best. I wanted it to be a recipe book of sorts, in which I provide the reader with the proper ingredients, then advise the reader how to mix them together in order to create a successful finished product.

April 15, 2013, compelled me to alter the course of my book. Having been witness to the horrific events at the Boston Marathon prompted me to begin "Personal Best" by writing about my personal account of the day.

As runners, we are all extraordinary in our own ways.

In a chapter entitled "Extraordinary," I tell the stories of three extraordinary runners: a Roman Catholic priest, a wife, mother, chiropractor/coach who has experienced the sting of personal tragedy, and a gentleman from Mississippi who turned a debilitating disabling injury into a positive life changing event.

When I signed copies of my first book, "Running Shorts," I encouraged the readers to, "Make each day your personal best."

In my latest book, "Personal Best," I want to help each runner achieve their personal best.

Check out my webpage,  www.muldowneyrunning.com., where you can pre-order a copy of "Personal Best." I will be very happy to personally sign the book for you, and I will mail it to you as soon as I receive my copies. On September 26, it will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu.com. It will also be available in ebook form.

I hope by reading my new book each day WILL be your personal best.