Tuesday, September 23, 2014


My eCoaching service is now up and running on my site: www.muldowneyrunning.com.

The eCoaching package will improve your race times, at distances from the 5K to the marathon. My written plan, unlimited coaching access, and advice will assist you in reaching your personal best.

When you sign up for my eCoaching, you will receive:

-A 20-Week written training plan

-Weekly check-ins and adjustments

-Unlimited email access to me throughout the training period

All for the low price of $25.00.

Hey, I enjoy running my personal best, and I enjoy writing books about it, but I REALLY enjoy coaching others to their personal bests.

So, check it out on www.muldowneyrunning.com, and we can get on the road to your personal best.

Oh, and let me add that I have created programs for folks around the world. My program is very metric-friendly.