Thursday, June 5, 2014


Yesterday was National Running Day. I hope everyone was able to get on the roads in celebration.

So, I'm a day late, but for National Running Day, I'd like to offer six reasons why it's great to be a runner.

1. Time Management-The U.S. Army used to run a commercial which talked about the many things soldiers accomplished before 7:00 a.m. That, of course, could apply to many of us. Before the coffee is made, and often before the sun rises, a large number of runners have completed a workout. Runners run during their lunch breaks. While soccer practice is being conducted, while others criticize the coaches or tell whoever is listening how great their kid is, we are squeezing in a run. Over the years, when asked, "How do you find the time to run?" I have responded with, "It's an hour I'd otherwise spend watching television, or otherwise wasting my time. These days, I'm sure it would include wasting time on some electronic device.

2. Weather-While others talk about it, we experience it. We understand and appreciate the feel of a minus twenty wind chill, or ninety by ninety. We also live for those crisp, cool, low humidity days, when we feel as though we could run forever. In a strange way, we ENJOY the challenge of a torrential rain, gale force winds, or blizzard conditions. When we put those workouts in the books, we have earned bragging rights.

3. Getting Older-Runners actually look forward to birthday years that end in zero or five, because it places us into a new age group. We also don't mind class reunions when people ask us how we stay so young. There is no retirement age in our sport.

4. Nature-Just like the weather, runners, for a time, become part of nature. Hurdling a snake who is sunbathing across a trail, a deer staring at you in amazement, a wild turkey, sometimes a bear, can often turn a workout into a nature trek. Running on a beach, a mountain trail, or along a river is the absolute best way to appreciate the beauty of nature that is all around us. Kinda takes us back to our caveman days.

5. Food-It tastes better, we learn what fuels us and what weighs us down, weight gain in not an issue, as we practice moderation in order to run our best.

6. Sexy Time-More energy, a better self-image for both men and women. Drugs like Viagra and Cialas address blood flow. Runners' arteries are like super highways. 'Nuff said!

You could probably list 60 reasons why it's great to be a runner. Maybe it was celebrated yesterday, but, for all of us, EVERYDAY our feet hit the road is National Running Day.