Saturday, June 14, 2014




Today, runners have more races to choose from than ever before. We all enjoy races with many "perks," but there is an essential component of all races, which, if not conducted properly,  will cause our race-day experience to become a nightmare.
Recently, I have been in contact with a terrific race timing software company, Good Times Software, that has really covered the essentials necessary for the registration, timing, and organization of any race, big or small.
 This company truly covers it all.

If you’ve participated in timed events, then you may already know some of the things race timing companies must concern themselves with.  Three important items are:

·         Easy and organized race registration regardless if that means online registration, on-site race day registration, or both

·         Accurate results from either manual select timing, or chip timing

·         Efficient and easy-to-use software so staff can devote their focus to a successful event instead of wasting time behind a computer

Good Times software ( is a great example of race timing software designed to handle small, medium, and large races.  Most importantly it’s easy to use and powerful.  From their website, you’ll find links to their YouTube channel where you can check out some of their how-to videos.

So what is happening behind the scenes?  Here are a few things:

·         Downloading “raw” registration data of all race participants and making sure the data is complete and accurate

·         Importing registration data and assigning a bib, a chip tag ID, or both to each participant

·         Prepping the timing equipment (readers, mats, antennae, etc.) used in chip-timed events

·         Running reports for race announcers

·         Setting up award categories, award types, and age brackets for the event

·         Capturing start times and finish times for all participants

·         Generating results reports

The founder of the company is seeking to expand his business to people who want to start a race timing company using Good Times software, or to existing race timing companies looking for better timing software.  A Service Provider’s license will allow you to use Good Times as you build your business.
If you’re an event organizer or volunteer and just need a great way to time your event, consider purchasing Good Times directly, or have a sponsor purchase it on your behalf.

Check them out at: