Monday, April 25, 2016


The magic of modern technology requires I hit the 'Send' button and this blog makes its way around the world, so I suppose I can't speak for all corners of the earth, but for most of us, this time of year provides nearly perfect running conditions.

Temperatures are pleasant, but not too warm. Most mornings are cool, and some afternoons are breezy. Sunshine feels good after a long winter of darkness. And speaking of darkness, the increased hours of daylight afford us more hours in which we can conduct our outdoor activities.

It's a good time of year to race, and races abound everywhere.

Colors, sights, sounds, and even the smell of the air seem more distinct, as we, as runners experience them in a way that mere mortals can't.

So appreciate each moment that you are able to get outdoors to run, walk, cycle, or swim.

Because, it really is a perfect time of the year.