Friday, April 1, 2016


The month of April has begun with April Fool's Day, a concept I really can't grasp any more.

In an age of social media and 30-second news cycles, we're never sure if we have been fooled each time we pick up a device or turn on our televisions.

Don't be fooled by imitations.

There's only one.

There will only ever be one.

It'll never be held on a Sunday.

It won't be deterred by snow, rain, wind, or blistering temperatures

It will be run from point to point, the way it has been run since 1896.

Although it is truly a "people's race," you have to earn your way into it.

The crowds, rowdy, raucous, and respectful, will always carry the participants.

The 120th Boston Marathon will be run on April 18.

From now until then I will devote all my blogs to this iconic race. Three years ago I ran my 16th, and probably my last, Boston Marathon, dating back to 1977.

 A series of injuries which began with a torn hamstring tendon suffered three weeks after the 2013 race have severely curtailed my running.

But the Boston Marathon is, and will always be, my favorite race, for many reasons.

No fooling around here.

Boston Marathon facts, legends and lore will abound on this age for the next few weeks.

You can read my personal account of the events surrounding the 2013 Boston Marathon in my book, Personal Best, available at:, and at