Saturday, April 16, 2016


Boston, Massachusetts is the epicenter of the running world at this moment. The thousands of runners, their families and friends, and the people of the city who adore them are mingling, and enjoying the sights and sounds of one of the world's great sporting events.

Runners will be treated like the special athletes they are, by pedestrians, police, waiters, and cab drivers. The people of Boston know and respect runners. And, they know and respect an iconic event that has been conducted for the past 120 years.

On Monday, Patriots' Day, nearly one million spectators will cheer on the runners, in what could be described as one big block party. They will blast music, tunes like the 'Rocky' theme, 'Chariots of Fire,' and 'Born to Run,' from frat houses and front lawns. Water, orange slices, and wet cloths will be offered to runners by ordinary spectators. At Wellesley, thousands of girls from the college will display signs, scream at the runners, and even steal a hug or a kiss.

Boston College, Red Sox fans, and Commonwealth Avenue denizens will escort the runners into the city, where, they will make a right on Hereford, then a left on Boylston toward the greatest finish line of the greatest marathon on the face of the earth.

Monday's weather appears to be ok for both runners and spectators. A high temperature of 64 degrees is expected. Runners would prefer it to be a bit cooler, but 64 isn't too bad.

It's a great weekend in Boston.

But it will be a greater Monday.