Thursday, October 1, 2015


As a model to the way things should be done, cheers to St. Paul, Minnesota mayor, Chris Coleman, and Black Lives Matter leader, Rashard Turner, for meeting face-to-face for over two and a half hours today to assure that runners will not be disrupted or interfered with during Sunday's Twin Cities Marathon.

"The Mayor took the time to listen, he heard our concerns," Turner shared. "We will not disrupt the course."

Turner said BLM St. Paul still intends to protest at the marathon, but in a designated space without blocking any runners.

On behalf of every runner who will participate in Sunday's Twin Cities Marathon, and speaking for all runners, I would like to commend the mayor and Mr. Turner for resolving this issue in a rational manner.

Perhaps all elected officials and community organizers should follow the lead of these two men.

A dialogue can go much further than name-calling and finger-pointing.

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