Monday, October 12, 2015


I felt like blogging this morning, but a specific topic, rant, or report escaped me, so I felt it would be a good time to state the obvious.

Running makes us feel good!

I know, that's pretty much a no-brainer, so, just to remind you just in case you're having one of those periods in your running life where you feel flat, bored or in a rut, simply think about how good you feel when you run and how bad you feel when you don't.

In three weeks, I will undergo arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus in my knee. Currently, I am running on what the damaged knee will bear, and it is painful and frustrating. I curse myself for those days when, perfectly healthy, I would whine about my workout. Because, nearly always, when I finish, I feel good.

Right now, I don't feel very good.

Think about it.

You go out and run your personal best at a race.

That nagging opponent who always beats you, then brags when he or she does, fell to you in the race today.

A 20-miler is completed. You smile as you record it in your running log.

You nailed a killer speed workout.

A training run with a friend or friends glides by as you laugh, joke, and compare training ideas.

After a tough day at work, you go for a run, and it becomes the ultimate stress release.

Kids, the spouse, the laundry have you at the end of your rope. A good run cures all that.

You've just completed a run in conditions that drive most people indoors.

At a party, wedding, or class reunion, folks remark about how young and fit you look.

We are the lucky ones.

What a feeling!

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