Friday, October 9, 2015


Today is the birthday of a very special friend, Father Chris Zelonis.

I met Chris, a Roman Catholic priest, about two years ago. He is not only a man of God, but a voracious trainer, who began running competitively in 2009, and is now poised to crush the 3-hour marathon. He qualified, and will run his first Boston Marathon in April.

His amazing journey is told in the chapter of my latest book, Personal , in the chapter entitled, 'Extraordinary.'

Today, I posted this birthday message on his Facebook page.

No matter what religion one may follow, this message applies to us as runners.

It matters little what adversity comes our way. When it comes to running, we "Do it anyway."

Running is spiritual to us. When we run, we build. We reinvent. We forgive. We reflect.

It really is, when we run, not about "Them." Rather it is about us and whatever spiritual anchor we may cling to.

So to translate the words of this amazing, selfless woman, Mother Teresa, into the language of running:

When they say you can't, do it anyway.

When an injury, illness or personal tragedy stands in your way, do it anyway.

When age slows you down, and you cling to the times and races of the past, do it anyway.

When the finish line appears to lie a million miles away and your legs say no, do it anyway.

When the weather boils, freezes, or ices you, do it anyway.

Because, when it comes to running, we always want to do it...anyway.

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