Wednesday, November 26, 2014


As a premature, late Autumn snowfall covers the ground here in Pennsylvania on Thanksgiving Eve, it really is time to reflect and be thankful.

After I post this, I will go out for a four mile run. It will be slow, treacherous and tedious. I will receive strange looks from folks shoveling their sidewalks, sneers and jeers from motorists, and may have to dodge an occasional snowball from a precocious little kid.

But I will love it, because I'll be doing what I love. After have wallowed in despair due to an injury, I'm grateful to be out on the roads despite what Mother Nature may hurl at me.

Most of you have been there. It's ok to occasionally blow off a workout for whatever reason we may choose, but being forced to do so due to injury or infirmity?...I don't think so.

Be thankful for every training step you take.

Over the weekend, my wife and I ran the Philadelphia Half Marathon. My daughter and son-in-law ran the marathon, and we got together with running friends from across the country,

For a good family and good friends I am extremely thankful.

I am thankful for you. Although I would love to run a few miles with all of you, that may never happen. I feel a bond with all those, from around the world, who read my running blogs. Thank you for reading them. How cool it is to write and rant.

Thank you to the many folks who have bought my books. To be able pass along stories, advice, and the accomplishments of some remarkable runners to other runners is a privilege for which I am thankful. Check out my books by visiting:

In my latest book, "Personal Best," I write about my personal experience at the 2013 Boston Marathon. After witnessing terror first-hand, I am more thankful than ever for the gifts of family and friends. After the events of that day, we have all become "Boston Strong."

Time to go out and slog through a slushy mess. And...I'm thankful for the opportunity to do so.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

                                                        Thanksgiving Snow