Friday, November 14, 2014


Ok guys.

Let's face it.

Women do a lot more than we do!

No, my wife's not looking over my shoulder ordering me to write this. In our hearts, we know it's true.

They are better multitaskers than we. They work hard, are wives, mothers, and caretakers, and perhaps because of all that, they statistically live longer than we do.

And, in the running world, they outnumber us, as well they should.

In my travels around the country, at race expos, I deliver a speech entitled, "Make Each Day Your Personal Best," in which I give a special shout out to the women in the audience.

My message is simple. You women, who take on many more tasks on a daily basis than we men, deserve, and should carve a block of time out of each day for a run. That's right. Tell the old man and kids to fend for themselves for a while. Get out there and detox. Forget about the troubles and burdens of a job and a family and make that time for yourself. You  come back feeling refreshed, and we, being selfish as we can sometimes be, realize that 'A happy wife means a happy life."

Of course, my wife concurred with all of the above ideas, but it wasn't until I interviewed a remarkable women, Jenny Burgess for my book, "Personal Best,", until I recognized the value of running for today's busy women.

Jenny is an accomplished runner and a veteran of three Boston Marathons. She suffered an horrible personal tragedy, which she talks about in the chapter, 'Extraordinary,' in "Personal Best."

She is a chiropractor, coach, and mother of three, and she is passionate about her daily run. She has told her children, "When mommy runs, she becomes a better mommy."

Jenny and another Boston Marathon veteran, Sandi Bergan, conduct a running class in a tiny local community of Minersville, Pennsylvania. It is called 'Step-N-Stride, and it is a walk/run program designed to promote a healthy lifestyle for women. Jenny and Sandi educate, mentor, and motivate the members of the class, many whom have never run before. Last fall the class consisted of 68 women. Most of them continue to run today, competing in races of 5K and beyond.

So, ladies, get out there, leave your tasks for a while, and run. Guys, support and encourage them. And, when the kids see mom (and dad) running, it encourages them to seek a healthy lifestyle.

I see that as a win, win, win for all concerned.

                                                                    Jenny Burgess