Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Our local newspaper, The Republican Herald, prints a daily column, entitled, 'Thunder/Enlightning,' in which local folks call in (anonymously,of course) to offer their opinions.

The following observation, and the subsequent response by the moderator (hats off to that person), appeared in Friday's edition.
"When did the streets of Pottsville turn into the jogging trail of Pottsville? Don't these people realize they might get hurt? The picture in the paper showing the jogger fading through the fog on Howard Avenue is perfect. You don't want me driving on the sidewalks do you? Well, I don't want you jogging on the streets."

Moderator's Response

"Joggers can run on the streets, the highways, or the alleys if they want. You, the driver of a vehicle, by law, are not allowed to hit them. Just because you have four wheels doesn't give you anymore rights than the jogger, the bicyclists, the motorcylist, or the Amish buggy driver."

If you read my book, this is right out of the chapter, "Why Do they Hate Us So Much?"

Can you believe that, in 2013, there are still morons out there with this mentality?

Rob Crosswell, a member of the Cast of Characters in my book, REALLY incurred the wrath of motorists, as he navigated the streets of our town on his rollerblades.
These are OUR streets as much as theirs. Stay safe, but keep logging those miles, and keep frustrating the haters!