Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Thanksgiving is upon us, the Winter Solstice is a month away, and right about now, you’re probably thinking about Christmas gift-buying.

If you're looking to purchase something for the runner on your Christmas list, I have an offer for you. You can pick up a gift for your runner for as little as $1.99!

Purchase the best stocking-stuffer ever by going to my Amazon page,   amazon.com/author/joemuldowney, where you can buy the Kindle version of my book, “Personal Best,” for only $1.99.

During my 40 years of competitive running, I have experienced the highs and lows of our sport. From a personal best marathon time of 2:22:54, to a devastating hamstring tear after the 2013 Boston Marathon, I have seen it all. I can personally guarantee you that my books will inspire you and help you to become a better runner.

Both of my books on running, “Running Shorts,” and “Personal Best,” are available at: www.amazon.com, as well as the site of my publisher, www.lulu.com. Lulu will be offering sales from now until Christmas.

And, from now until Christmas day, just drop me an email, at: runnr@hotmail.com, send me your address, and I will personally sign and send you BOTH books for the price of one: $14.99, and I’ll even pay the shipping and handling. If you want only one of the books, the price is $9.99, for books that are written by a runner, for runners.

Finally, if you, or a running friend wants to run a personal best time at any race distance from the 5K to the marathon, or if you simply want to get into shape for 2017, check out my gigs on: www.fiverr.com, where you can purchase a personalized training plan for as little as $5.00. Simply type “running training programs” into the search box, and it will take you to my gigs.

I have written training plans for runners from New Zealand to the Netherlands.

Check out reviews of my training plans, submitted by runners from all over the world at: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/bd1a006ea9.

I look forward to helping YOU achieve your personal best during the Holiday season and throughout the year.