Monday, June 22, 2015


Whether you are a veteran runner, or a runner who has recently entered the world of road racing, your closet is probably filled, or is filling, quickly with race T-shirts.

The shirts, some of which may be very nice, are little more than billboards, covered with the names of sponsors, on the back, front, and even on the sleeves. There is little that is unique about these shirts, and so many people are wearing “The (fill in the blank) 5K” T-shirts these days, they are hardly recognizable.

On Facebook last week, I stumbled upon a page, and when I visited the page and took a look at the T-shirts offered by the company, I was impressed by the unique, very interesting, inspiring, and humorous phrases placed on the shirts.

The company was started last year by a runner, who, decided after looking at over 200 race shirts he had collected over the years, that they were all pretty boring and uninspiring advertisements for the events. So he decided to create a few shirts with some catchy sayings. As it turned out, there was an appetite for these types of shirts. Runners are passionate people, and appreciated the fact that there were other shirts available that spoke to their passion as runners.

These shirts don't sell in stores. They are only sold through online campaigns, or through running races across the country. That is what makes them unique. They also have a monthly campaign on Twitter, where people can submit their own idea for a running shirt. If the design is picked, then they get the shirt for free.

The shirts are reasonably priced, starting at $21.99 for a short sleeved tee, and move up in price from there. Long sleeved shirts and tanks start at $22.99, and even high quality, sweatshirt hoodies are available at $34.95. The shirts are made from fine quality cotton, still, in my view, far superior to the shiny, oily feel of some of today’s fabrics.

And, later this summer, these cool shirt designs will be available on phone cases as well.

Any race that wants to offer its runners a completely unique T-shirt to their registrants to enhance their race series can certainly contact Running T-shirts via their Facebook page.

On June 30, a drawing for a free T-shirt will be held. You can go to the opt-in page and enter your email. One winner will be selected. Here is the link:

Follow them on Twitter @running_tshirts

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