Monday, June 8, 2015


I'll admit that I'm an old-school minimalist.

When I run, I prefer to keep it light, carrying little, or nothing, if possible.

Today, however, it is nearly impossible to run without carrying something with you.

Our phones have become essential elements in our lives, and God forbid we lose our credit or bank cards. Keys are pretty important, and I;m just not comfortable placing them in those little pockets sewn into our running shorts.

The solution to these issues seemed to me to be some type of running belt, but when I searched for such a product, most of the belts I found looked like something I would wear if I were building a house of climbing a telephone pole.

After much searching, I discovered the Daswise Waterproof Exercise Running Belt. This belt, which is available in five colors, is extremely lightweight and waterproof. It features an elastic belt that is fitted with an adjustable buckle, which will fit any waist size 22" through 40". The belt is ideal for running, walking, cycling, and I plan to use it for kayaking.

The belt fits snugly and is guaranteed not to bounce or ride up your waist. It is made with polyester, and features a power stretch mesh gusseted, waterproof and sweat proof pocket.

This belt fits my needs because it IS minimalistic. It is only 1.6" wide, and the pocket is fully expandable. You can easily carry any Smartphone, keys, credit cards, or energy bars and supplements on a long workout or in a marathon.

The Daswise Waterproof Exercise Running Belt is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

And here's the best news about the belt. Unlike many overpriced products, the Daswise Waterproof Exercise Running Belt costs just $9.99.

Check it out at Amazon:,com,, where you can read the positive reviews from many satisfied customers, and buy the product. With Father's Day coming up, it is a perfect, economical gift for an active dad.

I think the Daswise Waterproof Exercise Running Belt is great, and give it my highest endorsement.