Friday, May 1, 2015


Although our sport is as simple as placing one foot in front of the other and going as fast as we can for as long as we can, despite our fierce independence, we really can't do it alone.

Support of family and friends is vital, but having a competent team of health care professionals at our disposal is, especially as we age, vital to our continued running success.

Over the years, I have sought out doctors, physical and massage therapists, and chiropractors who are aware of and sensitive to my running addiction. Even my dentist is a runner.

For nearly two years I have been clawing my way back from a hamstring injury which, literally, tore me apart as it tore two tendons from their moorings. An orthopedic surgeon, and a physical therapist have been helpful in many ways, but a weakness and an instability in the leg has remained, cascading into lower back pain, causing me to drag my leg as I run, preventing me from accelerating.

Over the winter, I began to visit Doctor Jason Burgess, at Healing Hands Chiropractic in Minersville, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Burgess(s) has/have quite a resume.

You see, Doctor Jason Burgess, and his wife, Doctor Jennifer Burgess are co-owners of Healing Hands Chiropractic. They are both excellent chiropractors, accomplished runners, and respected coaches.

Dr. Jason Burgess is the 'cover boy' on the cover of my latest book, Personal Best; while Dr. Jennifer is featured in the chapter entitled, 'Extraordinary.'

A little over a month ago, Dr. Jason, while working on my back, offered a suggestion. He said, "Why don't you try doing balancing exercises for your bad leg?"

His suggestion sounded ridiculously simple, so I tried it. So now, several times a day, and especially before a run, I simply balance on one foot for about ten seconds, extending my arms outward, like a glider, bending at the waist. I do three repetitions on each leg.

The results have been remarkable.

My leg has felt looser, my gait is improved. On Wednesday I ran my fastest mile on nearly 104 months since the hamstring tear.

Running is a simple, yet complex endeavor. There are a lot of moving parts.

Select your team of health care professionals carefully. They can get you back on the road after an injury sidelines you.

Sometimes, in order to move your feet, you need healing hands.

                                                                            Doctors Jason and Jennifer Burgess